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The Vancouver Townhouse Difference: is a real estate business operated by Ariane Benjamin, one of the top Vancouver real estate agents dedicated to marketing, selling,  searching & showcasing Townhouses and Duplexes in the Greater Vancouver Area.  Vancouver Townhouse recognizes that townhomes & duplexes are by their very nature, a unique housing product, with unique features and unique benefits to the individual buyer or seller.  At, you can quickly and easily do the following:

As part of our extensive services focused towards the townhouse & duplex market in stands as a valuable resource whether you are looking to buy or sell a townhouse, offering a vast collection of information and resources geared specifically to the needs of those interested in Vancouver's townhome & duplex market.  


Looking to purchase or sell a townhouse? E-mail or call 604.779.1500.  The following pages contain tons of great tips and insider information to help you get started.