Tips to Sell a Townhouse in Vancouver and attract top dollar

Real Estate in Vancouver, Selling a Townhouse in Vancouver

Set for Success: Attracting Top Dollar When Selling a Townhouse in Vancouver

Are you preparing to sell a townhouse in Vancouver?

As a team of local professionals, is dedicated solely to marketing, searching, showcasing, and selling townhouses in Vancouver. We recognize townhouses are, by their nature, unique housing products with distinct features and benefits. That’s why we offer a focused and targeted approach backed by over 20 years of success in Vancouver Proper.

In an often intricate and competitive market, we offer a focused and targeted approach to generate interest and attract the best offer on your townhome. By guiding clients through the process and providing the data to make informed decisions, we help clients avoid potentially costly mistakes, like underpricing a property.

As a Real Estate Consultant focused intensely on Vancouver’s townhouse market for over twenty years, Ariane Benjamin offers a few insider tips before getting started. Many think listing the property is one of the final steps before selling. Listing is one of the final steps. A little preparation and investment can go a long way to generating the interest necessary to support a swift and profitable sale.

Marketing Townhouses in Vancouver

Selling a townhouse begins with understanding the features that appeal to potential buyers. What are the amenities of the strata complex? Is there a fitness facility or pool? Emphasize location benefits like nearby parks, schools, and recreational facilities, as well as features like smart home integration and eclectic charging.

Professionally Staging the Property

At Vancouver Townhouse, we invest in professional staging and photography for all listings. We use both traditional and digital channels to reach the widest pool of potential buyers, including our own database of clients. If your realtor doesn’t offer professional staging and photography, consider decluttering the property so it looks fresh and appealing—ready for a new owner. Clear the counters, launder bathroom towels, and ensure the house smells fresh and clean.

Think About Fees

As part of a strata, many townhouses in Vancouver require monthly fees to pay for building maintenance services. Many first-time home buyers may need to be made aware of these fees, but in the long term, they act as an excellent indication that a property is well-cared for and maintained. Being part of a strata removes a lot of responsibility from first-time homeowners. There are more amenities, fewer responsibilities (goodbye lawn mowing!), and less hassle around maintenance. If high fees are discouraging potential buyers, consider offering to subsidize first-year fees during contract negotiations. Don’t be afraid to think creatively in a buyers’ market.

Gather the Paperwork

Condo association documents (rules, regulations, etc.) need to be provided to potential buyers as soon as possible. An experienced realtor will contact property managers to procure the necessary documentation for buyers, thereby expediting the deal when someone is interested.

Selling a Townhouse? Talk to Ariane Benjamin

Now that you’re armed with the information, you are ready to hire a seller’s agent who can help you list your townhouse. The right agent will provide data to help set the price, devise a creative marketing plan, and answer any questions you may have. Together, you should be able to create a marketing/sales plan perfect for your property so you can begin the transition to your new home.

Real Estate in Vancouver, Selling a Townhouse in Vancouver |
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