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Vancouver Townhouses: Tips for Decluttering Before a Move

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At Vancouver Townhouses, we know that moving from one home to the next can be very tedious and overwhelming. You’re not just moving your clothing and a few kitchen items, but your kitchen, pantry, storage locker, and everything in your bedrooms into a moving truck. You need to have a plan on how to start packing before you dive in.

Start Early

Don’t wait to declutter your home. It will probably take far more time than you’d expect to go through your entire house. If you are rushed to move out, you will end up taking everything in your home as opposed to going through everything and deciding whether to keep, donate, or throw items away. Moving is a chance to start over and you do not want to bring all the clutter to your brand new home. When you move in you want to be able to unpack and enjoy, so start decluttering as early as possible!


If you are not sure where to start, make a list of all the possible categories in your home, such as kitchen supplies, winter clothes, seasonal decorations, camping supplies, and toiletries. Once you have a pretty good list, go buy boxes catered to each category and label them clearly.

Long Term/ Short Term

With many of the categories on your list, you will be using those supplies before you move, so start with items you only use a few times each year. These might include camping supplies, decorations, automotive, canned food, seasonal clothing, etc. For all of the items you plan to use prior to the move, you can still start to pack those things away in boxes, just keep those boxes open. This will make the last few days before the big move more manageable as you won’t have to pack half your home on the last day.

Deep Clean

Cleaning while you are decluttering is very important. When you are packing, especially with things like decorations and books, there is going to be a lot of dust and dirt, so you should always carry cleaning wipes while packing. This will be a big help when you are unpacking, as everything will come out clean, dust-free, and organized.

With these simple yet useful tips, you will be well on your way to moving into your brand new home. These are only a few of the countless things you can do to ensure your moving process is quick and painless!

This post was written by Kenny Pedersen at Garage Guru. He enjoys being outside, spending time with his wife, and playing games with friends.

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