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Vancouver Townhouse Shares Tips for Personalizing Your Home

Vancouver Townhouse wall decoration

In Vancouver, townhouses tend to be tall and narrow. This can put a crimp in your decorating schemes when the time comes. But townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin advises that there’s a very simple way to make your townhouse feel personalized and complete—look to the walls.

“Wall decoration is a wonderful way to personalize a space,” says Ariane of “Even if your budget doesn’t allow for custom art, decorating the walls is a wonderful way to infuse your home with texture and colour—without taking up precious floor space. And there are some fabulous ideas out there for consideration.”

Create a wallpaper gallery

Forget dressing up the walls in a large sheaf of paper. Instead, play with colour and texture by creating a wall gallery featuring different swatches of beautiful wallpaper. Swatches of fashionable wallpaper are available for about $5 a pop from retailers like Spoonflower and WallsNeedLove.

Rethink the tapestry

Carpeting doesn’t work in every home, especially if you have pets. To bring texture and dimension to a space, consider placing a lovely rug or a special piece of fabric on the wall. This could be an artisan hand-knit piece or something that bears special meaning to you. In either case, it will provide an interesting focal point to the room

Tile up!

If you love modernism, hanging a few tiles can be an interesting and abstract look. At less than $10 per square foot, creating your own custom wall designs is both affordable and easy.

Revive your calendar

Have you ever kept an old calendar because you simply love the pictures? Why not make use of these prints by displaying them? Calendars often have a theme, so there’s a certain homogeneous look to the prints, which makes them ideal for displaying in clusters. Create your own grid alignment for an effect that’s diverse yet uniform.

Kiss those mothballs goodbye

From the wedding dress your grandmother wore to a baby’s baptism outfit, the right hanger and mounting can turn cherished garments into cherished décor. Preserving and mounting clothes will also help keep them safe from dust, wrinkles, and moths. Contacting someone who specializes in mounting heirloom clothing is recommended for the best results.

“Many of these ideas provide townhouse owners ample opportunity to create a personalized and sophisticated space for a modest investment,” explains Ariane. “Of course, sometimes you need a specific kind of townhouse to accommodate your lifestyle and possessions. We help people find the right homes for their lifestyle and budget.”

If you’re curious about the townhouse properties available in Vancouver, check out our Featured Listings page.

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