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Vancouver Townhouse Realtor Shares Tips for Refreshing a Bathroom on a Budget

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As a Vancouver townhouse realtor, Ariane Benjamin knows that there are always two rooms that make a home stand out—the kitchen and the bathroom.

“Updating a bathroom is about more than swapping out the towels,” says Ariane, who assists people with buying and selling through “However, most people balk at the prospect of a full renovation due to the inconvenience and cost. If you only have one full bathroom in your townhouse, a month-long project is just not an option. The trick is figuring out your budget and then deciding what to prioritize. According to a new article on,  there are plenty of options, whether your budget is swollen or shoestring.

$100 Budget

If you just need a small, inexpensive refresh, consider changing the showerhead. “Not only will a fresh showerhead look better, but it will also improve your bathing experience every single day,” writes Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill. A new showerhead always makes a bathroom look better, plus handy homeowners have the option of self-installation, which saves even more money. For those with more wiggle room budget-wise, a fancier showerhead instantly stands out—it’s just a great eye-catcher when the home sells.

$500 Budget

From new linens to lights, there’s a surprising amount that can be done with $500. Unless the toilet is very old, a new lever and seat may be enough to give it a new appearance. While you’re at it, go ahead and refresh the towels and bath mat. Maybe invest in a bright new shower curtain and swap out the vanity light with a statement piece that will make the old bathroom shine.

$1000 Budget

Go ahead and change all the things we’ve already discussed—lights, linen, toilet seat. Then take that extra $500 and consider what you can do with the vanity. Is it chipped? From a fresh coat of paint to some sparking new hardware, it doesn’t take much to polish up an old vanity. Budget permitting, you might even consider a new countertop installation.

$5000 Budget

This is a pretty good budget for a full bathroom makeover. Take a look at your loo and decide what really needs updating. At this price point, you could consider tile work or flooring, depending on how the bathroom has aged. It might be worth working with a decorator who can provide a discount on material and labour. Their guidance (and industry discounts) will help you get more bang for your buck and more than make up for their fees.

“Remember, updates don’t have to be done all at once,” says Ariane. “If you know when you’re planning to sell, tackle a bit at a time. Call me in and ask for suggestions. Sometimes it just takes new flooring or paint to transform a room. And it’s worth the effort. Townhouses that show well attract higher interest and higher prices. They sell faster. It’s one of the reasons I include free townhouse staging for all my listings.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Vancouver townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin can help you, contact her directly for a free consultation at (604) 779-1500.

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