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Vancouver Townhouse Realtor Shares Tips for Living Stylishly

green plant in a vase and candle stand in living roomVancouver townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin shares how texture can add warmth and richness to small spaces

As a realtor that specializes in Vancouver’s townhouse market, Ariane Benjamin knows that beautifying small spaces takes intelligence and creativity.

“We’ve all been in rooms that just draw us in—these spaces exude warmth and create a feeling of familiarity, cosiness, and belonging,” explains Ariane. “But sometimes it can be hard to put your finger on what ‘s responsible for that feeling. And, when you live in a townhouse, space always is always a consideration.”

Texture is the Secret

According to a recent article on, when people find a space or group of objects irresistible, but can’t quite pinpoint why, the answer is often texture.

“More subtle than colour, form, or pattern, texture is perceived both by sight and touch,” writes author Lauren Dunec Hoang. “Plus, elements with texture often inspire one to imagine what something feels like without touching it. For example, a chunky, woven throw blanket draped over a sofa has a distinctive texture, and one can perceive the softness and warmth just by looking at the blanket.”

The article contains 10 great ideas that cover all the rooms in your home. For example, splurging on textured wallpaper is a great way to add luxury and interest to the living room without cluttering it up. Other ideas include leaving a brick wall exposed or adding a luxurious sheepskin throw to chairs to make them look more cozy and inviting.

“Texture brings warmth and interest to any space,” says Ariane. “This advice is especially useful for townhouse owners because you can beautify your home without cluttering it up.”

Contact Vancouver Townhouse Realtor Ariane Benjamin

Read the full article on Houzz here. And if you’re in the market to buy or sell a townhouse, you can book a free consultation with Vancouver townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin at 604-779-1500.

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