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Vancouver Townhouse Realtor Advocates Tip Line to Report Shady Dealings

Vancouver townhouse agentAs a Vancouver townhouse realtor, Ariane Benjamin knows that Vancouver has sometimes made headlines for its dubious real estate practices. However, the province is attempting to nip this in the bud with a new tip line that will allow both agents and consumers to report shady agents.

The measure is meant to enforce professional standards while protecting consumers from rogue service providers. Even though the regulator already had a complaint process in place, the new anonymous tip line was a recommendation made by an independent advisory group.

There are now two ways to send tips to the Real Estate Council of BC:

“It’s a measure that will improve the chances that home buyers are engaging with trustworthy professionals,’’ said Ariane Benjamin. “Real estate is a big part of a family’s financial security, and anything that’s going to make the process safer and more transparent is going to help the industry.”

The council governing real estate in BC assured the public that they would open a fresh investigation file for each complaint and that there would be continuous follow up on the matter.

Anyone suspecting misconduct can easily contact the council and leave a tip, either using the regular line or the anonymous tip line.

“The number of practicing real estate agents in BC has grown incrementally in response to swelling house prices,” says Ariane. “And while training and expertise varies from agent to agent, most of these people are genuinely out to help their clients, with the exception of a few practitioners looking to exploit loopholes and unsuspecting clients. The new tip line will help flag agents who are violating conduct. And that means that both buyers and sellers will have an easier time locating reputable agents in Vancouver.

To learn more about working with Ariane or to view a list of Vancouver townhouses on the market today, contact (604) 779-1500 or

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