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Vancouver Townhouse Agent Talks Design Trends to Boost Home Value

If you’re thinking of putting your home up for sale, it may pay to spruce up your style. According to Vancouver townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin, staged homes move faster and fetch higher prices on the market. But what if you’re just remodelling your home with plans of selling sometime down the road?

“Style trends for homes are always changing,” says Ariane Benjamin. “Like any other fashion, the colours and decoration in your home often reflect when it was designed and built. Remember pastel appliances, swag lamps, shag rugs, and green bathtubs?”

The good news is that by staying abreast of trends, you can freshen up your home so it’s easier to sell when and if you put it on the market. Naturally, a home that’s modern, fresh, and clean will attract a lot more attention.

If you’re renovating in the hope of making your home more desirable down the road, try incorporating a few of the hottest home style trends. Here are 10 of our favourites for 2016:

1) Flooring

Carpet is getting soft as a flooring trend. Look towards beautiful woods and laminates, which are durable, long-lasting, and allergy-friendly options. Preference is toward darker tones with a growing interest in the gray spectrum.

2) Kitchens

Shiny stainless has had its day. If you’re looking for a quick way to update your kitchen, try changing the appliances. Currently matted and black steel appliances are what’s in demand.

3) Formal Dining Rooms

The brunch nook is always fun, but formal dining rooms have come back with a vengeance. Think of modern, beautiful spaces that are great for family meals—or to break out some board games and have everyone take a seat.

4) Marble

Marble never really went out of style, but its applications have changed. Break counters and back splashes. Instead decorate your home with small luxurious swatches in the form of sleek cardholders, coasters, and clocks.

5) Mirrors

Sure, a plain rectangular mirror does the trick, but some subtle shaping can really bring a room to life. Look for soft, sophisticated shapes that reflect your personal style.

6) Bathrooms

Bidets never really caught on in North America, but they’re becoming more common in high-end bathrooms. If installing an extra fixture isn’t an option, many high-tech toilets feature a built-in bidet and make for a great bathroom upgrade.

7) Mix It Up

In 2016, designers are eschewing polish for a more eclectic vibe. Try innovatively mixing your material materials—think subway tile, quartz counters, wooden floors, and stainless appliances, all in one go.

8) Colours

A new coat of paint is a great pick me up, but colour can be when the objective is to create neutral spaces where anyone can see themselves. Benjamin Moors suggests lovely layers of white that diffuse the light and create a soft ambiance.

9) Fireplaces

Back in vogue, a charming fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. Instead of placing a TV above the fireplace or ignoring it altogether, designers are arranging furniture to make the fireplace the focal point of a room.

10) Matte

We already talked about the matte trend for appliances, but this can also be applied elsewhere. Look for oxidized metals, matte glazes, and chalky paints that can be incorporated into elements like lamps, faucets, and snazzy lighting fixtures.

Being mindful of style trends can really pay off when fixing up your home as it can instantly take years off an old property.

If home decor isn’t you’re forte, don’t worry. As a seasoned real estate agent who specializes in Vancouver townhomes and half-duplexes, Ariane Benjamin builds home staging into all of her contracts to help properties sell faster. However, if you’re the DIY type, or just interested in some tips and tricks to beautify your home, feel free to try some of the trends mentioned here.

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