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Vancouver Top Beaches 101: Top Family Destinations for the Summer

Vancouver experienced an unusually cold spring this year. Yet, it seems that Mother Nature intends to compensate for this, as she ushers in an exceptionally warm summer. In fact, meteorologists from predict that this year may experience one of the top ten warmest summers of all time.

Summertime is when you might want to take the family to any of the following destinations that consistently rank high in lists of Vancouver Top Beaches.

Kitsilano Beach

Summer holidays won’t be much fun without the chance to enjoy activities with your kids. As such, you might want to head over to Kitsilano Beach where you and your kids can enjoy some family bonding time at the playgrounds or the sports fields and pitches. After a day of physical activity, you can soak in the heated salt-water pool that features great ocean and mountain vistas. Your canine family members can join you on a vacation at this beach, as Kitsilano was voted as one of the top dog-friendly beaches in the Vancouver area.

Jericho Beach

If your family prefers more adventurous activities, then look no further than Jericho Beach. Located on the north side of Jericho Park, which sits at the west end of Point Grey Rd., Jericho Beach offers great spots for sailing, windsurfing, and sea kayaking. After these thrilling activities, your whole family can enjoy a gorgeous sunset with a relaxing picnic at the pier.

West End Beaches

Together, English Bay Beach and Sunset Beach make up the West End Beaches, one of the most popular choices in any Vancouver Top Beaches compendium. English Bay is no doubt every kid’s favorite because it offers a floating slide, picnics, rollerblading, and many ice cream kiosks and shops. Sunset Beach, meanwhile, is perfect for anyone who wants a low-key and relaxing beach vacation.

Vancouver is, indeed, blessed as the only Canadian city where there’s a beach at every corner. For hardcore beach lovers, that’s more than enough reason to relocate to this wonderful city and contact realtors like to inquire about available homes.

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