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Townhouse Bedrooms: 5 Fabulous Ideas to Beautify Tiny Boudoirs

townhouse bedroom“Giving a townhouse bedroom a luxe look doesn’t have to be an expensive affair,” says Ariane Benjamin, realtor at “In fact, investing in pricey furniture probably won’t work in modest spaces that can rapidly become cramped. In townhouses, the real trick to creating a beautiful bedroom is to think creatively—and strategically.”

It’s important to look at ideas that allow homeowners to make a dramatic impact, without taking up extra space. To help you get started, here are five ideas to make your tiny boudoir more plush and inviting:

5) Add Some Colour

While minimalism is all the rage, stark walls can result in a bedroom that feels more plain than elegant. Embrace colour and dress up your walls by trying a new wallpaper or a stylish coat of paint. For extra impact, just dress up the wall just behind the bed.

4) Choose an Outstanding Headboard

As furniture goes, the bed is a non-optional addition, so you might as well make it stand out. Besides lovely linens and covers, opting for a luxurious looking headboard is a surefire way to raise the glam factor in the bedroom. Target bold colours, impressive shapes, and lovely fabrics.

3) Get Lit

Any fashion photographer knows that lighting makes all the difference. As a ceiling fixture, statement chandeliers and pendants are another way to embrace sparkle and glamour—without sacrificing precious space. Opt for unusual shapes or a lovely finish, such as a muted gold covered in sparkling crystal baubles.

2) Bling Out the Nightstand

Even the most modestly sized bedroom typically has space for a nightstand or two. Instead of opting for utilitarian styles, look for something special—think mirrored finishes or pretty knobs and pulls. Remember to keep the stand clutter free, and couple of books and a sweet bud vase for maximum impact.

1) Throw a Pillow Party

Almost all drool-worthy bedrooms feature an embarrassment of pillows. Wrapped in silk, satin, velvet, or faux fur, a combination of small and large cushions is a great way to create a decadent vibe. Just remember, as a rule of thumb, the pillows shouldn’t take up more than a quarter-length of the mattress.

“Creating a beautiful townhouse bedroom is all about using your space smartly,” explains Ariane. “If you’re looking for a house with great bones, we can definitely help. Call us directly at 604-779-1500, or try tracking down your perfect property with our free Townhouse Watch.”

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