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Townhouse Accent: The Decorative Ledge

A recent article from has a perfect solution for townhouse accents—the clever ledge, the unsung hero of home design!

“While a shelf is a horizontal piece affixed to a wall, a ledge may be built out of the wall like a ridge (framed into the wall and finished), built on top of a half wall, or created from some trim work. Ledges can be deep or shallow, offering a variety of use,” explains author Nicole Jacobs.

Why is a ledge a practical townhouse accent?

Ledges, depending on their height and depth, can be used in a variety of ways. When renovating or building, they are pragmatic design details that can add interest and function to a townhouse.

The article discusses how ledges can be used in different areas such as the foyer, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. For example, a ledge can be a convenient addition to the kitchen, where a little extra space is always a welcome feature. Placing a ledge on the backsplash is a convenient way to accommodate a variety of small kitchen items “such as small potted plants, spices, or bottles, perhaps filled with soap or hand lotion.”

Other creative ideas mentioned in the article include a banquette ledge, bed ledge, or a fireplace ledge, which can play a purely decorative role or provide some additional guest seating in the living room if it’s deep enough.

Enhancing the space in your townhouse

Ledges are a wonderful element that can play many different roles as a townhouse accent. A designer will be able to show you how to incorporate pragmatic designs, so your home is more beautiful and functional.

“It’s always best to work with a professional when making structural changes to your townhouse—and don’t forget to make sure any renovations are strata-approved before starting work,” advises Ariane.

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