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Tips for Reducing Townhouse Clutter

townhouse clutter

If you live in a townhouse, you already know that it doesn’t take much before your home looks cluttered. For those who have resolved to maintain a neater, more organized townhouse in their 2019 resolutions, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to get you started!

According to organizing wizard Marie Kondo, people should let go of things that don’t bring them joy. However, while paraphrasing a minimalist approach may be easy, actually decluttering the home can be a lot harder. Fortunately, there are a series of simple habits that can help keep your townhouse tidy. If embracing them all at once seems daunting, try introducing a new one each month.

1) Recycle old magazines

Purging the home of magazines and publications is one of the easiest places to start. Perhaps you’ve accumulated a pile of magazines with the intention of reading them one day. But if you haven’t touched them over the last year, the odds are you’re not going to find the time. Recycle away. Then audit your bookshelf for donations to the local charity or bookstore.

2) Deal with your mail

Do you have a drawer full of old mail? Many people do. Sometimes, it’s easier to toss a few envelopes aside. Of course, over the months, it can pile up monstrously. Wouldn’t it be nice to use that space for something else? While tax time may require you to keep a few documents, don’t use that as an excuse. Get in there and find out what you need to keep and don’t. Switch to paperless whenever possible and try to adopt a habit of dealing with mail as it comes in.

3) Purge your toiletry

What’s the oldest item in your toiletry? A bottle of perfume you haven’t used since high school? Maybe it’s a sample you collected three years ago? Long story short, using expired items are a bad idea. People often forget about items in the toiletry, because out of sight equals out of mind. The next time you’re brushing your teeth, take a quick peek. Toss any expired items along with that lipstick and nail colour you really don’t love. Check medications, pills, vitamins and toss anything that’s expired. There’s no point in holding on to anything you’re not using—even if it was expensive.

4) Stop hoarding unwanted gifts

Almost everyone has a stash of gifts they won’t use but feel obliged to keep—this is known as gift-guilt. Long story short, this is pointless. It takes up space you probably can’t spare. Moreover, it means hoarding something that could be loved and/or useful to someone else. If the gift didn’t come with a receipt or isn’t returnable, then sell, regift, or donate as necessary. Tip—don’t pretend to love a gift you don’t because it could mean more of the same is coming your way. Instead, warmly thank the person for their effort and consideration.

Clutter-busting is a habit homeowners can cultivate over time. Try introducing one new habit into your life each month. In no time at all, your townhouse will feel cleaner and more airy. Even better, you’ll have plenty of storage for the things you actually do want in your life.

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