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The Benefits of Free Staging Consultation Services from Trusted Realtors

Sales people make it look so easy when they promote their products and services. With their honeyed tongues, they can promise you the moon and the stars, and convince you that they can deliver on any spectacular claim. The major advertisements you see on television and on the Internet certainly hold no small amount of persuasive power.

Unfortunately, selling a home is nothing like selling the latest must-have gadgets, since buyers can be very discriminating when it comes to selecting property. It’ll take more than just a catchy slogan or two to convince buyers to cough up their hard-earned money—a fact that can present problems if you need to sell your house in a jiffy and get paid as soon as possible. Fortunately, certain companies like Vancouver Townhouses offer free consultation and staging services to help you secure the best offer for your property.

Rules of Selling a Home

Determine the price

The first rule in selling a home is to determine its fair market value; you can’t just ask for an arbitrary price based on the home’s sentimental value. Such a task will require you to be knowledgeable of current real estate market conditions and trends. To spare yourself costly mistakes, you can engage a reputable consultant to inspect your home and prepare a realistic, conservative quote.

Entice Buyer to look the property over

Once you’ve established a fair price, the next step is to entice buyers to look the property over. You should thus make efforts to set up your home for staging, making sure prospective buyers like what they see. Realty experts will offer free consultation on staging techniques to help move your property.

Realtor’s Advice

For instance, these professionals will likely tell you to get rid of all your clutter to produce the illusion of size and space inside your home. This staging principle also enables prospective buyers to imagine how each room will look once they’ve moved in. Likewise, you might want to tweak certain lighting fixtures to make your home look warm and inviting.

In the end, the art of selling successfully lies in putting on a good show. Regrettably, not everyone has the chops to peddle like a professional. Reputable realtors like Vancouver Townhouses can offer their staging expertise free of charge to help you make the necessary changes to make the property attractive to future occupants.


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