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Space Saving Tips for the Townhouse Kitchen

space-saving-tip-for-townhouses-kitchenTownhouses can have generous kitchens, but if you’ve downsized from a big house, then finding a place to put everything is probably a struggle you know all too well. With fewer cabinets and limited counter space, it may take some creativity to really utilize what you have. Fortunately, we’ve got five great ideas to make your kitchen work harder.

The first thing to do is to stop feeling frustrated. Instead, try looking around your kitchen with fresh eyes. Chances are there are some spaces that you really haven’t utilized. These could be some unused walls or flat vertical surfaces—such as the side of cabinet. When it comes to organizing a tiny kitchen—these unused nooks and crannies are a real estate gold mine. You just need to get creative.

1) Install some shelves

You can never go wrong with a lovely floating shelf, particularly when counter and cabinet space is limited. Every kitchen is different, but chances are there is at least one wall that can accommodate a shelf—or a stack of them. Look at spaces above the sink, outside cabinets, or above the stove where you can create some extra storage space. If you’re pinched for space, add a few hooks underneath, and you’ve got a rack that can hold your cups or small pots and pans. Just make sure your shelf can accommodate the weight. Bracketed shelves tend to be sturdier than floating shelves. And don’t forget to look for lovely canisters and containers that allow you to corral items—like the three open boxes of spaghetti lurking in the back of the cupboard.

2) Invest in a Magnetic Knife Strip

Keeping knives in a drawer is not only dangerous, it takes up unnecessary space. Keep your peace of mind (and your fingers) by installing a stylish wall-mounted magnetic knife strip. Reserve your cabinet space for food or small appliance storage. Just remember to hang the strip well out of reach if there are small children in the home.

3) Hang up Some Hooks

Practical and easy to install, a small row of hooks on the wall is the quintessential space saver—and it’s budget friendly, too. Free up space for the bigger, bulkier items by hanging up your mugs, utensils, or even your pots and pans.

4) Stick Up the Spice Rack

Nearly everyone has a cabinet full of spices, and these little bottles can take up a lot of unnecessary space. If a pull-out built-in solution just isn’t in the cards, why not create your own wall mount? Spices can be a rather beautiful display item, so get creative and use them to your best advantage. Create a small rack in a finish that will compliment your kitchen, then transfer your spices into a set of matching glass jars to create a functional and eye-catching piece that ensures you won’t confuse the cinnamon with the paprika.

5) Invest in Open Storage

Items like rails, wire baskets, and pot racks can all be affixed to empty walls and provide versatile open storage that can handle a lot more than just pots and pans. For example, a pot rack, which typically consists of thin metal poles with s-shaped hooks, can accommodate just about anything that can lay flat—think cutting boards, measuring cups, mugs, and cooking utensils.

Creating a practical kitchen in a smaller space can be an interesting challenge. Grab a few magazines that focus on small space organization—and then head to your local Ikea. As with all wall-mounted space-saving solutions, it’s important to take note of the recommended weight load. If you’re not sure, hire a handyman who can advise you and answer your questions.

With a little time and creativity, you can make a townhouse kitchen more functional and appealing. However, if you’re shopping for a townhouse, and a big kitchen is on your wish list, just contact Vancouver Townhouse and ask to speak to Ariane Benjamin. As an experienced townhouse realtor, she specializes in helping people find the townhouses that work for their lives—and their budget.

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