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Small Bathroom Tips for a Townhouse

Small Bathroom Tips

Townhouse bathrooms can be a challenge when it comes to creating cool spaces,” says Ariane Benjamin, realtor at “A discreet first floor powder room is a great convenience, but people often neglect these spaces because they don’t understand how it’s possible to visually and physically maximize the space.

Thankfully, a new article on Houzz showcases how designers have wielded their magic to rework three small bathrooms, a common feature in townhouses with multiple bathrooms, one of which seems to have been squeezed into a corner or under the stairs.

Author Mitchell Parker is quick to emphasize the importance of space-saving elements, such as wall mount toilets and compact sinks.

Lighting Keeps Small Bathrooms Airy and Open

Clever light fixtures lend class and style to tiny bathrooms without detracting from valuable real estate, since they’re typically attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. With a few complimentary elements, “a light neutral paint color and reflective elements, such as the tile, shower glass, mirror and chrome fixtures,” the room will stay bright and open.

Another designer secret advocated by the article—wallpaper galore! A cool wallpaper pattern can help reinvent a bathroom without expensive changes to the structure. Wallpaper is great for masking awkwardly angled ceilings, dingy walls, and other imperfections, without undertaking major renovations.

The author recommends wall-mounted toilets, particularly in narrow rooms: “Wall-mounted toilets free up floor space and makes it easier to clean. Partitions give each space a purpose. Floor-to-ceiling wallpaper emphasizes the room’s height rather than its width.

Instead of relegating fixtures to functional components that simply blend into the background, a beautiful toilet or sink can become part of the design. “By layering contrasting design elements—stark, luxe whites contrasted against bold patterns and dynamic lighting fixtures—the space feels simultaneously fresh, bright and relaxing.

Plumbing Pieces First

The article concludes with a word of advice from designer Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios, who recommends buying plumbing pieces first rather than last. By acknowledging these pieces will be prominent features in the space, it becomes possible to create a functional design that can lend big impact to a small bathroom.

It’s a good idea to consult with a designer if you’re stuck,” recommends Ariane. “Many designers in Vancouver specialize in small spaces. After all, if you’re going to buy a townhouse, there’s no reason you shouldn’t love every inch.

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