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Selling a Townhouse in a Balanced Market: The Art of Management and Marketing

Selling a Townhouse

Vancouver’s real estate market has changed. No longer does listing a property result in a three-week sale, with bidders vying to pay top price. But last month, the city saw significant year-over-year growth in terms of sales. It indicated resurging interest, and left homeowners straddling a market that favours neither buyers nor sellers—the balanced market. In these conditions, successfully selling a townhouse hinges on the experience and strategies of your realtor.

Like a conductor, townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin skilfully orchestrates home sales. By acting in turn as a salesperson, advocate, analyst, business manager, consultant, and negotiator, Ariane works to deliver secure swift, smooth transactions. Her insight and knowledge around marketing, showcasing, and selling townhouses in Vancouver has made her one of the top realtors within her niche and earned numerous industry accolades.

Listing for Success

Townhouses are a great product that really appeal to a unique crowd of buyers.  But attracting the right one requires knowledge of both the product and the market. Before any townhouse listing is finalized, Ariane works one-on-one, so the properties she’s representing are prepped and priced to attract maximum attention. Home staging and professional photography are a complimentary part of services. It’s a important for new listings to capture as much attention and interest as possible. If a property sits for too long, buyers become more aggressive with counteroffers. Even worse, people may assume there’s something wrong with the property and avoid it entirely.

Staging a home and playing up its best features work to attract interest in markets where there’s  a lot of choice. Check out Instagram for pictures of past work.

As a townhouse realtor in Vancouver, Ariane not only makes listings more desirable, she reaches out to potential buyers through a cutting-edge marketing strategy that includes both traditional and social media. By tapping into an extensive network of colleagues and past buyers, Ariane leverages her connections to find buyers looking for the right house—your house.

Benefits of Selling a Townhouse with Ariane Benjamin:

  • Top-ranked industry expert with 16 years of experience
  • Niche product focus
  • Extensive experience staging and prepping for sale
  • Detailed plans to drive interest and inquires


As your advocate, Ariane analyzes the market trends, providing you with the insight necessary to make the best decision on your property. More significantly, she offers the attention and investment necessary to create truly outstanding listings.

Selling a home involves many professionals—appraisers, inspectors, contractors, loan officers, lawyers, and more. As your real estate agent, Ariane leverages her expertise around townhouse properties and strata, so you stay informed and in control, till it’s time to handover the keys.

Selling a Townhouse in Vancouver?

As an experienced townhouse realtor, Ariane Benjamin focusses on the purchase and sales of townhouses in Vancouver Proper. Her one-on-one approach exemplifies a customer-first attitude, allowing her to deliver greater results and value while coordinating swift, smooth transactions. Need to discuss a property?  Schedule a complimentary consultation to experience what’s made Ariane an expert in her field for over 16 years.  Call (604) 779-1500 to get started.


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