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Pottery Power: Sprucing Up Small Spaces

Townhouse decoration can be a challenge,” admits Ariane Benjamin, real estate agent at Vancouver Townhouse. “When you’re working in small spaces, it’s easy to go from stark to cluttered.

In townhomes, accessorizing is often key, and a recent article on Houzz proposes the perfect style solution for small spaces—pottery!

Pottery has played an artistic as well as utilitarian role throughout history. It’s been handed down through generations, collected by connoisseurs and bought and sold for astonishingly high sums,” writes author Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale.

With so many shapes, colours, textures, and designs, pottery is the perfect pick-me-up for any space, no matter your style inspiration: “Whether displayed sparingly or spilled across a mantelpiece, it has staked its claim as a legitimate design accessory.

The article offers many creative ideas for incorporating pottery into your décor. For example, you can pair it with some simple succulents. Don’t be afraid to choose interesting glazes, like ombres or jewel tones to enhance the beauty of your greens. Other ideas include creatively grouping pieces by colour in a centralized location, or even mixing it up by combining pieces of different colours and heights.

When it comes to complementing your home with pottery, the choices are nearly endless. From antique urns to modern hand-thrown vases, it can keep your space from feeling sterile or impersonal. Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers a single piece or a maximalist who loves the look of multiples, there’s a piece of pottery out there waiting for you.

For professional results, Ariane suggests working with home designers that specialize in small spaces like condos and townhouses.

As a real estate company that specialises in townhouses, we have many contacts that specialise in this market,” says Ariane. “We’ll be glad to support you with whatever guidance and information you need when it comes to your townhome, whether you’re buying or selling.

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