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Owning a Vancouver Townhouse: A Lot of Living for Much Less Trouble

If you’re looking for a home your family could live comfortably in, there are many available options in Vancouver’s real estate market. While you could opt for a single-family home or a condominium, a well-appointed Vancouver Townhouse offers more advantages. Here are some of the benefits to buying a townhouse:

More outdoor spaces & less maintenance

A big disadvantage to living in high-rise condominiums is the lack of private outdoor spaces. Many condo units feature inadequately-sized balconies, or none at all. A townhouse allows you to have your own yard for the kids to play in and enough space to arrange a display of potted plants. Also, according to realty companies like VancouverTownhouse.ca, maintenance tasks in townhouses are usually delegated to property management companies or maintenance staff, which means fewer chores for you.

Exclusivity and Convenience

Although townhouses share common architectural structures with their immediate neighbours, each of these homes is artfully configured with private street access, thereby eliminating the need to share lobbies, foyers, staircases, or lifts with other home owners. Apart from the exclusivity and privacy this feature offers townhouse residents, it also allows each home to have an individualized and unique street address. This facilitates mail and package deliveries; while also making it easier for visiting friends to find the home.

Camaraderie & security

The way many townhouse communities are designed can help families form closer relationships with their neighbours. By contrast, single-family homes and condominiums have layouts that don’t foster such interaction. Townhouse communities—with their shared amenities, use of common walls, and secured main entrances—offer residents greater safety, yet more opportunities to interact and socialize with their neighbours.

The home you choose to raise your family in will play a huge role in their overall quality of life. Selecting the wrong home will be a waste of time and money. Opting for a Vancouver townhouse allows your family to enjoy the more essential amenities of living in a single family home, without the associated high purchase costs and extensive maintenance requirements.

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