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Know Why to Use a RE/MAX Agent When Buying a Townhouse in Vancouver

After months of showing little to no signs of improvement, the real estate market in Canada might be turning out for the better in the latter part of the year. Thanks to the 3.6 percent increase in home sales last May, now might be a good time for you to start working with realtors like However, you might want to look into issues on why to use a RE/MAX agent this time around. To help you decide, consider the following:

A Respectable Brand

The people of the 40-year old RE/MAX International have about 16 years experience in the real estate business in Western Canada. The name, itself, is well-known throughout North America and many other parts of the world. With the help of such reputable professionals, you’ll be more confident in every real estate decision you’ll make.

Good Customer Relations

In case you didn’t know, real estate agents rely on their networks of contacts and clients, which is why the need to maintain and expand their personal circle of contacts takes top priority. RE/MAX agents are no different, since nearly 70 percent of their transactions come from previous and/or referred clients. The fact that 95 percent of these clients recommend RE/MAX to others speaks volumes about the company’s reliability.


As sponsors of various local charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network and the Quest for Excellence Program, RE/MAX proves that the organization also has a community’s best interests at heart. After all, a beautiful home deserves an equally beautiful and vibrant neighborhood. In essence, working with RE/MAX also means that you are supporting projects aimed at helping the target community.

Large Market Share

Prestige and professionalism go a long way in establishing a real estate company’s stake in the market. With about 10,000 Sales Associates and 7,000 offices worldwide, RE/MAX has a greater chance of finding you the best properties for sale, for the right price. The promise of the best deals is another argument on why to use a RE/MAX agent today.

There is nothing to indicate that the Canadian real estate market is bound to experience yet another downturn, as the current situation is definitely the most promising that the industry has seen in almost a year. If you wish to buy or sell a property in Vancouver or elsewhere, you might want to get in touch with a RE/MAX townhouse consultant from firms like

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