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Keeping Your Townhouse Garden (Or Patio) Blooming!

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One of the best aspects of living in a Vancouver townhouse complex is the space. Roomier than a condo with fewer responsibilities than a house, many local townhouses also feature private pockets of outdoor space for barbecues, relaxation, and entertainment. This could be a patio or garden, and in some cases—both! As we come up to the hottest months of the year, we’ve got some easy tips to keep your tiny gardens in blooming great shape!

Did you know watering needs change in the summer? While most townhouse owners don’t need to be overly concerned with water restrictions, your plants and grass will love and appreciate these simple techniques.

Get to the Root

Whether plants are potted or in the ground, you should aim to soak the root zone. In other words, water less frequently but more thoroughly. Drizzles the water in slowly, until the soil is saturated and the water begins to drip out. For ground-based plants, use a slow-drip or soaker hose to gradually saturate the soil, paying special attention to areas with any large, thirsty trees.

Name that Plant

A general understanding of your backyard flora will dramatically improve how you care for it. Certain plants love and need a lot of moisture, others not so much. For example, the hydrangea, which actually contains the word “hydra” in its name—loves water. However, species native to hot, arid climates generally prefer to keep their toes dry. If you’re planting a garden, consider grouping plants using water and light requirements to make upkeep easier.

Indulge your herbs

In the COVID-era, many homeowners have discovered the delights of gardening. Whether your garden consists of fruit and veggies—or flowers and herbs, your edibles will need a bit of extra love. Growing succulent produce and herbs require the right watering. Setting up drip irrigation hoses can save time. Beware of overwatering that could result in an attack of mildew.

Other Summer Watering Tips

Many townhouses have strata regulations around watering. This is as simple as ensuring you’re not flooding the neighbors to staying in line with regional water restrictions. Simple tips, like watering in the evening, and watering frequently (rather than copiously) can help ensure you meet regulations—and keep your urban oasis looking spectacular.

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