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Home Design Featured in Tokyo Exhibition

Home design is an interesting and subtle art,” says Vancouver Townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin. “When I help clients search for their new homes, it’s often a matter of determining what works for their taste, lifestyle, and budget.”

The Future of “Home”

Houses today are so much more than a box with a roof. As family structures, society, and technology change, these trends have to be reflected in home design and architecture. A new exhibit in Japan has encouraged local architects to stretch their imaginations—to imagine how home design could be more accommodating and reflective of people’s lives. The result of this remarkable undertaking is a revolutionary exhibition known as the Home Vision Project.

Organized by designer and Muji art director Kenya Hara, the Home Vision Project is holding its second exhibition in Aomi, a district of Tokyo. The show features pavilions where architects and other industrial professionals embark on a thoughtful journey to create the homes of the future.

Bizarre, practical, weird, whimsical, pragmatic—the display are as diverse as they reactions they elicit.

The Newest Ideas for Home Design

Imagine a home where packages, food, and perishables could be safely delivered and kept in a space outside your building, and then accessed from the inside? That was the driving force behind a collaboration between Yamato Holdings, Japan’s largest package-delivery company, and renowned product designer Fumie Shibata.

Other concepts included windows that expanded outwards, providing homeowners with transitional flex space, innovative wet areas, and reimagined ideas for shared space living, where a careful division of private and public areas resulted in more beautiful and luxurious living for all.

While it will be a while before we’re living Jetson style, the House Vision Project provides an inspiring sneak peek into the future. On the other hand, if you’re trying to find the home that suits your lifestyle now, contact Vancouver Townhouse Realtor Ariane Benjamin.

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