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Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Townhouse

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“When it comes to a townhouse—or any property at all—interior designers bring a lot of value by helping homeowners beautify and accentuate the best features of their home,” explains realtor Ariane Benjamin, who helps people buy and sell townhouses in Vancouver.

While most homeowners certainly know what they like, managing the details to achieve a desired effect is a skill. Yet most people shy away from the prospect of using an interior designer for their townhouse, because they may be concerned about the price—even though many designers enjoy special rates for services and products that can bring costs way down.

Admittedly, the costs of hiring a designer can vary—it often depends on the firm and the scope of the project. Asking a designer to select the right paint for your home will obviously cost less than redesigning the bathroom. But designers are flexible and can offer advice on a variety of ways to enhance and beautify a townhouse including:

Concept Design—By working together, the designer will help create a style and mood for the home. They may use pictures and mood boards to help come up with an actionable plan.

Remodelling & Design—This usually pertains to large-scale renovations. For example, changing the layout of a kitchen or introducing a powder room on the first floor of a townhouse. In these cases, they may come up with conceptual drawings by working in collaboration with an engineer or architect. One of their most valuable skills can be developing (and adhering) to a budget for the project.

Selecting Furniture & Finishings—Like frosting the cake, designers can beautify a home. This can range from choosing paint colours and flooring to selecting furniture or even working with artisans to create custom pieces for the home. The delight is in the details, so if homeowners want a sleek or bohemian vibe, an experienced interior designer can help make it happen.

Negotiating Costs

From townhouses to offices, interior designers often charge an hourly rate, but this can vary dramatically–from about $50 per hour for a junior to well over $500 if you’re working with prestigious firms. Some interior designers may also be willing to negotiate a flat fee based on the amount of time the work will require. Just be aware that you may be charged for travel time, client meetings, shopping, phone communication, and other incidentals—so make sure to understand how billing works.

The Pay Off

 While working with a designer to beautify a townhouse obviously pays off in terms of your own personal enjoyment, there’s also a benefit when it’s time to sell the property.

“When we put a townhouse on the market, we have a firm that works with us and stages the townhouse for selling,” explains Ariane. “We always stage townhouses for selling, because a home that shows well sells about 85% faster than one that doesn’t. People recognize and appreciate the professional touch. Additionally, homes that are beautifully decorated and designed often attract a better price. There are a lot of benefits.

If you’re looking for a townhouse in Vancouver or you’re ready to sell, contact Ariane Benjamin at (604) 779-1500. With more than 15 years’ experience, Ariane Benjamin is one of Vancouver’s most experienced townhouse realtors.

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