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Freshen Up Your Vancouver Townhouse in Five Steps

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There’s no place like home. Of course, those feelings can change after a prolonged period of staying indoors. Homeowners living in trim spaces can really start to feel the wintery months. To break the mental boredom,Vancouver townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin suggests a five-step refresh.

“The New Year is when many townhouse owners feel the need to makeover their spaces,” says Ariane. “We’re making changes in our lives and the same living space can just feel boring after spending so much time indoors. Of course, you might not have a full-scale decorating budget after the holidays, but that’s not necessarily a problem.”

As a Vancouver townhouse relator with over 15 years of experience, Ariane regularly works with the team from Urban Presentations to get townhouse listings market ready. Much of what they do centers around organization and clean-up.

Rearrange Furniture

One of the easiest ways to refresh a space is to rearrange the furniture. Create cozy seating arrangements or open up space by removing old elements. Rearranging the furniture can shift the focus of a room, making it interesting and new again.

Get a Tray for the Coffee Table

It’s small. It’s simple. And it works in almost any room. A tray always gives a room a more pulled together appearance, providing a feature space for ornamental knick-knacks. Keep it sparse and austere or pile it on for a more decadent look.

Switch it Up

If there’s no budget for new furniture, consider using some pieces from other rooms in your home. Could a pretty teapot work from the kitchen work in the family room? Or maybe a photo from the bedroom could be moved to the living room? With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Buying a statement piece of art can be expensive. Instead, consider creating a gallery wall from photos, magazines, or even bits of your own artwork. Hanging multiple pictures on a wall is a fantastic way to add colour and interest to a room. Just bring in a professional for help with spacing and hangings.

Roll Out the Carpet

Besides bringing colour and interest to a room, carpets add texture and warmth. Just makes sure your area rug is the right size. In townhouses, you’re probably looking at 4×6 or 5x7ft.

“Townhouse owners have lots of options when it comes to freshening up a space,” says Ariane. “It takes a little creativity, but with a bit of effort you can invigorate your spaces and beat the winter doldrums.”

Contact Vancouver Townhouse Realtor Ariane Benjamin

To learn more about buying or selling townhouses in Vancouver, call Ariane at (604) 779-1500 or register for her free Townhouse Watch.

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