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Exciting Summer Fun for Families in Vancouver: Activities to Do

Vancouver draws a considerable vacation crowd in the summertime, in spite of the area’s infamously warm climate. In fact, it’s considered the second driest Canadian city in the summer, next to Victoria. Locals, tourists, and weekenders can enjoy a great deal of fun summertime activities within this delightful city.

Due to Vancouver’s diverse geographical layout, it’s entirely possible for one to ski, surf, or even enjoy a round of hockey all year round. As there are so many engaging things to do in the metropolis, and it pays to get an overview of available attractions to help you carefully consider which ones suit your preference. The following activities would surely be included in a list of enjoyable summer fun for families in Vancouver.

Celebration of Light

The summer excitement kicks off with a bang by way of the Celebration of Light event sponsored by HSBC. This four-day fireworks show occurs between late July and early August, with participants from various parts of the globe showcasing their extravagant, half-hour fireworks displays. No other event kickstarts the summer as vibrantly as this illuminating and colorful show.

Run, Cycle or Skate

Come August, the city’s summer activities kick into high gear, causing many locals to spend a lot of leisure time outdoors. Visitors can check out the Seawall that straddles the shoreline and run, cycle, skate, or just stroll along this scenic route. Those who prefer to stay in one spot might want to hit the beaches, the most popular spots being Kitsilano and the Spanish Banks.

Granville Island

For a change of pace or scenery, a quick visit to Granville Island should satisfy one’s longing for some peace and quiet. The historic “island” harbors a community of local craftsmen and boutiques, which offers a unique shopping experience not to be missed. While you’re at it, you might want to check out listings for gorgeous townhouses through reputable realtors like VancouverTownhouse.ca.

With your very own townhouse in a conveniently located community, your family’s summer vacation in Vancouver can be more enjoyable since you can have the place all to yourselves. In any case, you might want to turn to trusted realtors like VancouverTownhouse.ca for expert advice and a wider selection of properties that promise great value for your money.

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