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Entryway Design for the Modern Townhouse

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Townhouses often have limited space when it comes to the entryway. In many cases this drop point for bags, boots, and coats can make any attempt at creative design feel like a lost cause, but that’s when you need it most, advises Vancouver townhouse relator Ariane Benjamin.

Getting Creative with Townhouse Entries

A traditional entryway probably brings a variety of images to mind:

  • sleek side tables,
  • area rugs,
  • mirrors,
  • closets,
  • and benches.

All of this is unusual in a townhouse,” says Ariane. “Often you’re dealing with a few feet of space and possibly a closet. When you’re looking at beautifying the entrance of a townhouse, it’s necessary to consider solutions that balance aesthetics and functionality to create a stylish, organized space.

Look at ideas that create spaces for purses, keys, coats, and umbrellas. In some cases, a lovely shelf and a few hooks can make all the difference. There are even some pre-built solutions you can buy and install.

Just make sure to measure carefully first,” advises Ariane. “A few inches off and you might not be able to open your front door.

Remodelling your Townhouse entries

If you’re open to remodelling, there are a range of options available to you. Designers can work wonders, even in tight spaces. By introducing elements such as hooks, tables, small benches, and sleek cabinetry where day-to-day articles can be hung or deposited, your townhouse entryway can become a beautiful and functional part of your home.

Vancouver is an incredibly diverse market when it comes to townhouses,” says Ariane. “In some cases the entryway can be quite roomy, while in other instances you may be faced with a stairway that leads up to your suite. At, we assess different needs and preferences in order to find the townhouse that works with your lifestyle.

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