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Enhance Your Home’s Value Through Staging

If you’re ready to sell, there are many tips and tricks to increasing the desirability of your property. From boiling vanilla to baking bread, you probably wont be short of suggestions. However, if you’re hoping for a relatively stress-free exit, why not consider hiring a stager?

You probably already know that showing a clean home is important, but did you know that working with a home stager can significantly increase the interest and value of your property?

As the Founder of vancouvertownhouse.ca, Ariane Benjamin includes professional home staging as part of her selling package. She brings in a stager and simply deducts the cost from the commission when the property sells.

“Staging a townhouse typically costs between $212 to $1,089 but adds from $2,275 to $2,841 to the property’s selling price—that’s a return of 2 to 13 times the cost,” explains Ariane. “Additionally, the house attracts more interest, which typically results in a faster sale.”

5 Home Staging Tips

There are many tips that a professional stager will take to make your property more appealing:

  1.  Depersonalize. A potential homebuyer needs to picture themselves in your space, and quirky decoration or personal effects can ruin this illusion. A stager begins by removing personal effects and, if necessary, painting brightly coloured walls a more neutral shade.
  2. De-clutter. Your home should be clean and clutter-free. Counters in the kitchen and bathroom will be cleared. Small appliances and other objects will be stored in cupboards.
  3. Decorate. You might have a lumpy sofa that you love, but if it makes a room look sloppy or small, it has to go. A decorator will aim for small groupings of furniture with plenty of space around them to make rooms look bigger and more beautiful.
  4. Freshen.  To create a modern look, a decorator will typically provide their own rental furniture and linens, so any visible linens such as towels, cushions, duvets, etc. are brand new (or at least look it).
  5. Polish. To add the finishing touch, a home stager will also bring in objects to achieve a chic, boutique look. This typically includes objects like trays, pictures, houseplants, fashionable small appliances, pretty candles—and cushions, lots of cushions.

Home staging is an easy and inexpensive way to impress potential buyers. By letting someone else focus on the small details, you can relax and let your property speak for itself.

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