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Condos and Townhouses in Vancouver Make City Living Tenable

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According to Vancouver townhouse realtor Ariane Benjamin, almost 75% of single-family homes in Vancouver are now assessed at over $1 million.

“As more people try to get into a detached home, the million dollar price tag on detached homes is spreading further and further outside of Vancouver Proper,” says Ariane. “Housing is now almost as expensive in places like Burnaby, New West, and PoCo. But leaving the city just doesn’t work for everyone. This is one of the reasons that condos and townhouses in Vancouver are in such high demand.”

For anyone who grew up in a single-family home, the prospect of moving into a condo or townhouse in Vancouver can be challenging.

“So many people are afraid they’ll find townhouse living constrictive. They worry about tight spaces, limited storage, and noisy neighbours. But this simply isn’t true,” says Ariane. “The trick is finding the right property for you. There are glorious three-bedroom and four-bedroom townhouses all around Vancouver. These offer a very good value for people who want to sell their home, stay in the city, and put a little something by for retirement.”

As a townhouse realtor, Ariane Benjamin has turned buying and selling townhouses in Vancouver into a 15-year career. The trick she says is to really listen, provide pertinent advice, and have plenty of options.

“Townhouse developers know there is a housing crunch in Vancouver,” says Ariane. “They know real estate is expensive, so they are building townhouses with more features and options. Now there are townhouses coming up with detached garages, garden space, and separate suites, which may be used by family members or as a revenue helper. This next generation of townhouses is designed to appeal to people who never thought that strata living would appeal to them.”

Townhouses, condos, and duplexes remain relatively affordable for people who want to stay in Vancouver Proper. To learn more about how Ariane can help you find the right townhouse in Vancouver, call (604) 779-1500 or register for her free Townhouse Watch.


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