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Choosing the Right Vancouver Real Estate Agent

Vancouver real-estate agent shows a build project  to a young couple

When it comes to choosing a Vancouver real estate agent, there’s no shortage of supply. Earlier this week, the CBC reported that Vancouver’s longstanding housing boom has drawn thousands of people to the sector. According to the article, “realtors’ ranks in Canada’s largest city and hottest housing market have surged 77 percent since 2008 to more than 48,000—nearly 10 times the pace of Canadian job growth.”

Naturally, that begs the question—how do you choose the right agent?

“The best agents offer a good balance of credentials and charisma,” says Ariane Benjamin, a Vancouver realtor at “It’s important to find someone you can trust and work with, but it’s also imperative that the agent has the knowledge and experience to safeguard your financial interests. After all, real estate is often the biggest investment many families make.”

Whether you’re buying or selling, a good real estate agent will take the time to listen to your priorities, and figure out how to make the whole process work for you.

“It’s important to do your research,” says Ariane. “Ask friends and family members for referrals. Most agents will also grant a free consultation, which is a great way to figure out if you’re a good match. Don’t feel pressured to commit right away. It’s natural to interview about three agents. See what kind of information they bring to the table, ask about their background and experience as a Vancouver real estate agent.”

Finding the best Vancouver real estate agent

Most experts recommend looking for an agent with about five years of experience. In addition, markets like townhouses, duplexes, and condos are different from stand alone properties, so finding an agent with niche expertise is always recommended. Finally, make sure the agent is a fully licensed, full-time professional.

“Real estate has always been a local game,” says Ariane. “The best agents will be up on what’s happening in your neighbourhood. They’ll be knowledgeable of market trends, schools, commutes, and popular amenities. Ultimately, choosing a good agent boils down to three points: Take your time, do your homework, and trust your intuition.”

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