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Benefits of Owning a Townhouse in Vancouver

It’s no surprise if you’re sitting on the fence about investing in a home. Let’s face it: with home costs and mortgage rates, it’s a high hurdle, and the prospect of a 20+ year commitment can be frightening. On the other hand, there are some compelling benefits to owning a townhouse in Vancouver, particularly when considered over the long term.

Building Equity

Quite likely, the number one reason people choose to invest is the ability to build equity. That’s the home’s value minus the mortgage. While growth in Vancouver isn’t expected to hit the highs seen in the past, market analysts predict slow but steady growth over the next few years. With every payment and property appreciation, you can build equity and security.

 Vancouver Townhouses Offer A Lower Bar to Market Entry

Like condos, townhouses in Vancouver offer a lower bar to home ownership while feeling more like a standalone home. At Vancouver Townhouse, we have access to many houses around Vancouver Proper listed for under one million dollars. For example, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom townhouse in the neighbourhood of Collingwood is listed at $628,000. Contact Vancouver Townhouse to have our realtors search/show townhouses that meet your needs and budget. You can also sign up for our free Townhouse Watch to keep an eye on properties that match your specific search criteria.

Invest in Yourself

Homeownership makes sense for anyone planning to settle in Vancouver long-term. Consider the rent you’ll pay over the years. Money in the rental market is gone, but when you own your home, you reduce the mortgage with every payment. It’s like forced savings that can provide a nice little nest egg when it’s time to downsize or move.

Join a Community

For first-time homeowners, townhouses, particularly strata properties, can act like a stepping-stone, with a council that oversees the maintenance and management of the external building and grounds. Homeowners often don’t have to worry about issues like roofing and yard work. The strata collects a monthly fee to run the property, hiring people as necessary.


Owning a home means putting down roots. There’s no chance of eviction. Additionally, a fixed-rate amortized mortgage offers predictability and safety, making it easier to budget and plan for the future.

Townhouse for Sale in Vancouver

For many people, owning a home is a milestone that offers security and stability. At Vancouver Townhouse, we’ve guided many first-time homebuyers, providing the transparency, guidance, and market knowledge necessary to make the best decisions and find the right home at the right price.

Contact Ariane at 604.779.1500 or for a commitment-free conversation about townhomes for sale in Vancouver.


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