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From sleek Vancouver townhouses to stylish chateaus, the bedroom is one of the most significant spaces in the home. While it doesn’t get the love afforded to kitchens and bathrooms, for many family members it is a reprieve—a place for solitude and rest. To inspire homeowners, a recent article on Houzz featured a showcase of 60 creative bedrooms from around the globe.

“Most of these ideas can be incorporated into any space, which makes them ideal for townhouses and condos” says Vancouver realtor Ariane Benjamin of “From vibrant and colouful to subdued vintage, there are ideas to appeal to every taste. And we’ve listed a few favourites right here.”

Pattern Play

Texture is a rich and important part of a bedroom’s look, inviting touch and experience. It can invoke a sense of sensuality between couples. But for many, it’s simply an opportunity to shrug off the day and have a mindfully immerse yourself into what’s around you.

Headboards Ahead of Their Time

While a headboard might just seem like a place to lean on in, they can be so much more. From minimalistic and modern to wonderfully vintage, a good headboard can transform the space you sleep into the focal point of the entire room. Plus, since they’re o only the width of the bed itself, they make a great design feature for townhouses and condos.

Feature Walls

Instead of cluttering up small spaces, feature walls offer an opportunity to bring style, texture, and colour into the bedroom. A feature wall might simply be a wall of a different colour. Alternatively take the opportunity to introduce wallpaper, panelling, or even tapestry to make a stand-out wall truly outstanding.

“Vancouver has a variety of beautiful townhouses on the market,” says Ariane. “In many cases these are properties with great bones.  And they’re just waiting to shine with a little personalization.

Browse through townhouse properties in Vancouver today. To set up a viewing, call  (604) 779-1500.

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