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A Look into Seasonal Activities that Take Advantage of the Wonderful Vancouver Weather

When people plan to relocate, they first check the new location’s liveability factor. This can be gauged by looking into the cost of living, income tax, job prospects, healthcare system, and public infrastructure. A good source for all of this information is the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability ranking, where last year’s “Most Liveable Cities” ranking had Vancouver placing third–a great reason to contact real estate companies like VancouverTownhouse.ca to inquire about town homes for sale.

While looking into a city’s liveability factor is important, there are some who place primary consideration on the inescapable factor of weather. Looking into how Mother Nature behaves in a particular location is critical, especially for those who want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and engage in different kinds of activities each season. Fortunately, the mild Vancouver weather makes this possible for people who choose to live in these environs.


A pleasantly warm summer awaits Vancouver locals, even if it could certainly get humid at times. The average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius; while the highest temperature ever recorded in the city was 30 degrees Celsius. The comfortable warm weather makes it ideal for people planning to go hiking, mountain biking, and golfing.


Fall in Vancouver is relatively moderate compared to other areas in Canada, as the average temperature is a manageable 10 degrees Celsius. In November, residents must be sure to bring their umbrellas everywhere they go as this is considered the wettest month. Despite the rain, autumn in Vancouver is perfect for heading out to parks like Queen Elizabeth Park, Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, Stanley Park, and more, to experience the breathtaking fall foliage.


Unlike other Canadian cities, Vancouver barely receives snow during wintertime, so one doesn’t have to worry about shoveling all that much of it off their driveways. While snow is hardly an issue, Vancouver is still plagued by a large amount of rain. Winter opens up a lot of opportunities, though, as residents can enjoy many recreational activities like cross-country skiing and snowboarding just an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver. These days, a city’s climate is just as important to consider as the usual factors like job opportunities and shopping malls. Fortunately, Vancouver seems to have it all; with all the living comforts amidst a moderate climate. As such, it is, indeed, one of the most liveable cities in the world.

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