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5 Steps to Successfully Sell a Townhouse in Vancouver

selling a townhouse in Vancouver

Tips for selling a townhouse in Vancouver from the marketing professionals at Vancouver Townhouse

You’ve made the decision. You’re going to sell your townhouse. While Vancouver is still hot when it comes to snatching up condos and townhouses, the right decisions and guidance still means faster sales and more money in your pocket!

Know the value of your property

Sure, you know what you paid for your home. You may have also heard stories about how prices are escalating around Vancouver, but pricing is specifically tied to the size and condition of your property—as well as the demand in your neighbourhood. The only way to understand the value of your home is to study the trends. Your property is worth exactly what the market is willing to pay for it. Contact a realtor who specialises in townhouses and ask them to provide a comparative analysis, so you can understand what’s been happening in your neighbourhood and establish a fair asking price.

Don’t skimp on the marketing

Even in a market this hot, selling a townhouse in Vancouver is still going to take some effort, especially if your goal is getting top dollar. Interview different realtors and ask what’s included as part of their selling strategies. For example, is the townhouse staged? Will professional pictures be provided? Is there an Internet or social media component beyond the MLS listing? The only way to guarantee that you’re going to get the best price is to take advantage of all the selling channels. That means selecting an agent that’s knowledgeable and savvy when it comes to real estate marketing.

Prepare your home before its listed

Investing in a property in a big decision. That means all buyers are understandably cautious. If they walk in and immediately see things that require repair, one of two things will happen—they will leave, wondering about elements that they can’t see, or they will start haggling—neither of which is the goal when listing a property. Remember, selling is a process that starts before your home hits the market. If there’s a door that doesn’t quite close or a drippy faucet, fix it! You don’t need to invest in major renovations, but your home should look its best.

Create some emotional distance

You may have invested time and energy selecting and applying the ultimate shade of peach passion to the walls. But now, someone else is looking for their perfect space, and that’s what they need to see. Decoration is very personal, and the goal when selling a townhouse (or any property) is to make it look as neutral and inviting as possible. Shelve grandma’s quilt and any unnecessary knick-knacks to create a space that’s airy, open and neutral.

Don’t walk away from a potential sale

If you receive an offer you feel is too low, this is the time to rely on your real estate agent who will know what townhouses sell for in your complex and area. Many potential buyers will use this strategy to open the grounds for negotiation. However, the fact that they’ve made an offer usually means that they’re seriously interested in the property. Consider the offer and discuss how to counter it with your real estate agent. With a little give and take, both you and the buyer can walk away happy.

The team at vancouvertownhouse.ca are exclusively focused on buying and selling townhouses in East Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. For a free consultation, call 604-779-1500 and ask for Ariane Benjamin.

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