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5 Ideas to Declutter Your Vancouver Townhouse This Fall

Decluttering the home is an annual ritual for many families. While some look to times like New Year or spring, the fall is a great time trim excess clutter and begin preparing for the New Year. If you’re a Vancouver townhouse owner, a judicious yearly cleanout can make storage and living spaces cleaner and more livable.

With everyone spending more time at home, a lot of us have felt the urge to clean-up and declutter. However, with many charities closing due to the challenges of COVID-19, rehoming those excess belongings can be a challenge.

Fortunately, many organizations like the SPCA, Salvation Army, and Big Brothers/Sisters are still accepting donations. And with need and financial challenges at an all-time high for many families, it’s a great time to rehome possessions that are no longer serving their purpose in your space.

Before loading any possessions in your car, it’s best to call your organization of choice to see if they’re still accepting donations. Most have stopped pick-up and some are only accepting drop-offs at specific locations. There may also be reduced hours and other restrictions tailored to protect workers and volunteers.

Once you’ve found a place that accepts donations, it’s time to begin planning your fall cleanout with these 5 simple tips for decluttering your Vancouver Townhouse.

Donate Unneeded Summer Clothing

This is a great time to get rid of clothes that are stretched, stained, and overworn. Clothes that are truly worn out will need to be tossed, but any lightly worn clothing is always a great gift to charitable organizations. And bonus—you won’t have to worry about putting them into storage.

Clear the Summer Clutter

Summer chairs, umbrellas, and barbecues can now be put into storage. Many stores are having end of season sales around these items, so it’s a great time to shop if your outdoor space needs refreshing. Any pieces in decent shape will be welcomed by the local thrift store.

Whittle Down Your Wardrobe

Since many of us started working at home, clothing needs have changed dramatically. Consider moving the work clothes you no longer need into long-term storage to make space for the well-fitting garments that make you feel attractive and comfy. Audit the rest of your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s taking up space for no reason. Donate anything outdated, outgrown, or unloved.

Hire a Home Organizer

Space can be an issue in townhouses, particularly ones occupied by families. Ironically, these houses often have plenty of cupboard space and storage—if they’re utilized properly. A home organizer specializes in working to maximize space utility. A few simple additions like shelving, baskets, and bins can make your cupboards and storage areas more fabulous and functional.

Get the Goods Gone

With safety measures and ordinances changing day-to-day, it’s a good idea to expedite your cleanout efforts. Set a weekend aside and just get started. Take your goods to the donation centers while they’re still open, and then enjoy a more beautiful and relaxing fall at home with your family.

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