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5 Frugal Ways to Update Your Townhouse Patio

Small townhouse patio summer garden

Small townhouse patio summer garden

Most townhouses come with some outdoor space. It could be a tiny yard, a deck, or even a gorgeous rooftop patio. With summer finally in full swing, Townhouse Realtor Ariane Benjamin has some fun, frugal ways to make the most of yours.

“Creating a beautiful outdoor area is fun and easy if you have unlimited space and budget, but townhouse owners often have to think more creatively,” explains Ariane. “For example, consider creating an outdoor breakfast nook by purchasing a bistro set and turning a few old teapots into planters.” To help you kick off the season, we have five great ideas to help you update your outdoor space.

1) Spend Selectively

Much like interior design, you can create a stunning space by investing in one or two knock-your-socks-off pieces. This could be an elegant bistro set or some stylish pieces of pottery that highlight the bright beauty of the summer foliage. Creative pots and planters are a great option for brightening up small spaces, without overwhelming them.

2) Think Vertically

Repurposing is all the rage, especially if you’re a fan of vintage style. Instead of spending money on a pricey vertical gardening system, simply repurpose an old wooden pallet. Just mount the pallet against a wall or fence and line the horizontal slats with landscape fabric to create planting pockets that can be filled with the flowers or edibles of your choice.

3) Brighten Up the Night

Just like inside the home, great lighting can make a deck or rooftop patio magical. There are so many beautiful lighting options available today, from mini vintage-style bulbs to elegant paper lanterns, which can be suspended from mature trees or strung across the sky. It might take a little imagination, but the possibilities are endless.

4) Don Some Colour

Many townhouses will have established bushes and shrubbery in the yards. These are typically hardy, low-maintenance options, especially if the strata is in charge of the yard work. However, there’s no reason you can’t pop a few containers full of your favourite seasonal colours in among the established beds—no landscaping required. Just remember to water by hand as necessary.

5) Contain Yourself

On balconies or patios, containers and pots are the best way to increase green space. This is the ultimate in flexible design—and it’s easy and affordable to change. Don’t overcomplicate things. Go for three to five neutral pots and stick to a simple colour palette for the plants.

“Vancouver is full of beautiful properties,  some with extraordinary townhouse patios,” says Ariane. “Downsizing doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your hobbies.”

To learn more about buying or selling a townhouse in Vancouver, contact Ariane at 604-779-1500 to discuss your property goals today!

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