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5 Fantastic Bits of Timeless Decorating Advice to Spruce-up Your Townhouse in Vancouver

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Home decor can be tricky. The objective is to make the spaces where you live, work, and play more beautiful and functional. But if you’re not a pro, mistakes can happen. The purchases we come to regret are usually some combination of poor planning, rash decision making, self-doubt, and bad advice. In townhouses particularly, space management is vital to maximize the feeling of beauty and spaciousness. Here are five timeless tips to create a townhouse with fantastic visual impact.

Define your style

Home decoration can sometimes look like a cool mishmash of different objects and ideas, but the truth is happy accidents rarely happen on their own. It’s important to define your style choices and commit to pieces that support your scheme. Without a vision and solid understanding of style preferences, you’ll end up with a blah scheme that says nothing about you. Define your style and commit to pieces that support it.

Rediscover the wonder of wallpaper

Wallpaper is back, and in bold shades and patterns that are redefining Westcoast style in 2020. One of the greatest aspects of wallpaper is that it’s a flawless way to create a high impact room. One good wall dressing can make all the difference, and it’s particularly great for townhouses because no extra room is required.

Light up your life

Lighting is another investment that requires no extra space—every home needs lighting, so why not invest in a piece that will enhance the beauty of your space? From fabulous pendants to stately chandeliers, a lighting expert can help you make the right choices. Lighting is very easy to get wrong, especially over a dining table. The height must be balanced to work with the ceilings. The general rule is about 5 feet between the light base and the floor—and about 32 inches between the base and tabletop.

Measure twice, purchase once

Sizing, as previously mentioned, is so very important in townhouses. Furniture that’s large and clunky can make even spacious rooms feel stuffy and unpleasant. Even a few inches can make the difference between a perfect fit and a disastrous overspend.  Avoid this scenario by working with a professional. Ask a decorator and about their advice regarding the placement and size of furniture. How deep should the couch be—how high can the armrests on your kitchen chairs be before they don’t fit under the table? Get in the habit of shopping with a tape measure. If you already own your furniture, ask a professional decorator to arrange it. A creative layout or some jaunty angling can make all the difference.

Balance your budget

Throwing a lot of money at decoration doesn’t make a house well-styled. It’s best to mix it up. Invest in a few quality pieces that you will adore and use for decades. You can mix it up with more frugal purchases, but remember the adage that “something cheap is eventually expensive.” Opt for value, but be clever with your dollars, a single piece of statement furniture can truly elevate a room, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with elements that reflect different aspects of your life and personality. You’ll be surprised how it all comes together.

Creating a home full of panache and personality takes planning. Don’t rush to do everything all at once. If you’re a new townhouse owner, give yourself time to get used to your new space. Consider how to surround yourself with the things you love and make you happy. Beautiful decoration is never achieved by stifling personal choice. Create a vision and step into the design ring—with a little research and support, you can start creating the home you’ve always wanted.


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